1 Year Anniversary

Time to celebrate!

12 months ago today I officially made the decision to become self-employed and set up on my own as an Independent HR Consultant.  I had thrown the idea around for some time before thinking it would be something I would love to do and believing it would offer genuine flexibility and balance to me and my family.  Fear of the unknown and potential to fail was stopping me from wholeheartedly pushing forward with the idea.

Two wonderful Directors at an equally wonderful company agreed to a meeting on the 13th August 2019 to allow me to pitch my business.  I told myself if they said yes I would pursue the dream.  Slight spoiler alert but that I am writing this today gives away the ending!

On the 14th August 2019 I officially set up RJS Business support.

Since then I have experienced every emotion possible from nervous, to excited, to fear, to elation and everything in between.  I guess this is what being self-employed is all about!

My learning’s

It has been an interesting 12 months.  Overall it is amazing and I have much to celebrate but I still have days I worry about if I am doing the right thing.  I am learning all the time though and this helps me to keep pushing forward and improving every day

I’ve learnt social media is my kryptonite!  Creativity is not my strong point.  Website building may not seem too tricky at first but there is definitely a reason people use experts! (Thank You Mantra Media)

I’ve also learnt I am better at networking than I thought.  I have some valuable experiences to share.  I love learning about different businesses and I continue to love using my experience and learning within HR to support both businesses and the individuals within them to ensure work benefits all.


I am surrounded by some amazing people who have not only offered their expertise they have offered me their time and guidance.  They have gone above and beyond when they didn’t have to.  There is an amazing community in Sheffield and its surrounding areas and I know that the kindness and generosity of the people in it have made such a positive difference to my journey.

The Future!

I am looking forward to my next year and many more beyond that.  RJS Business Support is here to stay and I can’t wait to meet and work with more local businesses.